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Linen Standard Pillowcase - Khaki Kick

Our selection of beautifully soft and high-quality linen, throws, towels and blankets sourced from our favourite suppliers. If you’re not sure how they would look in your home have a look at our styled bedrooms and living rooms to see how we used them.
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Everyone loves the feeling of luxury linens. Now you can buy linen online from Nathan & Jac, secure in the knowledge that every product we sell is the best in its class.

We hold our products to a very high standard, and only the very best are accepted. So when we talk about luxury linen, we really do mean luxury.

Perhaps we should also add that we really mean linen, too. Because there’s a lot of textile out there being sold under the name of linen, without possessing a single one of its qualities.

Many people think of linen as a broad class of materials, but in truth there is only one true linen material. All other materials should not be classed as linen. True linen must be soft, durable, and possess a distinctive texture that makes it identifiably different from other materials.

What gives linen its special softness is the method of weaving that ensures a very fine interlocking of the threads, plus the natural properties of the fibres of the flax plant, which is the only material true linen should be made from (all other “linens” may be cotton or synthetic blends, but they are not named correctly when called linen).

True linen is a luxury material that provides a cool-to-touch texture, smoothness and softness, light weight and excellent absorption.

Cotton material made using a linen weave is an acceptable substitute for those seeking a more cost effective alternative, but synthetic fibres should not even be considered. Synthetic products are vastly inferior, and this shows up in many different ways.

Luxury linen, on the other hand, which is what we recommend, costs a lot more but is worth every extra cent. The beautiful cool feeling of fresh clean linen on a hot summer night is something that cotton or rayon could never give you.

Buy linen online from Nathan & Jac

Nathan & Jac is where you will find all the best quality homewares, and our linen is no exception. We’re actually proud of how good our linen is, which in turn means that after you buy it, you can be proud of how good your linen is.

The fine quality of our luxury linen is really all the reason you need for buying linen from us, but there are some other factors that make the case for doing so even more compelling.

First is the absolute assurance that we do not stock linen that contains toxic residues from pesticides, formaldehyde, and other chemical preservatives.

Many cheaper imported linens may have been treated with all kinds of chemicals to protect them from being devoured by Chinese caterpillars on the long sea journey to Australia. Those residues sometimes surface in the products and can make people become sick, or could make them suffer terrible reactions.

We are very careful to ensure our linen is safe for Australian families, so you don’t have to worry about such things when you buy linen online from Nathan & Jac.

Another reason to shop with us is that we provide an excellent shopping experience, where you will find everything works just perfectly. We have a flexible range of payment options, including AfterPay and ZipMoney.

You will love everything about shopping with Nathan & Jac, and we invite you to experience this for yourself right now.

Nathan + Jac is Melbourne’s best online designer homeware store. We sell a variety of homewares, throw blankets, cushions & rugs. Browse our online store or call 1300 662 992 to bring luxury to your home today!

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