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"Because The Night" twists the dial to maximum!

Kaleidoscopic moody textures and tones; silk velvets, metallic leathers, brutalist concrete, timeless noir marble, warm timber and smoked glass. Bold jewel tones of stained berries, lipstick red and Byzantine blue demand attention. Glints of metallic reflect the disco ball era of the 1970s. Succumb to the kind of crushed velvet where day becomes night in an instant.
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Outdoor Bean Bags

We are very fortunate in Australia to have reasonably pleasant weather all year round. Of course there are some days that are too hot or too cold, but almost always we’re able to go outside and enjoy some fresh air, which is not something that’s so easy to do in countries like Canada or the like.

Because we have such a good climate for enjoying the outdoors, it makes sense to have some outdoor furniture to allow you to spend more time outside. Nathan & Jac is a business that mostly works in interior design, but we appreciate outdoor living just as much as the next person.

That’s why we are proud to announce our range of outdoor living accessories, which includes many products, including the subject of this page, our fabulous outdoor beanbag chair.

Now, you may not have thought about doing so before, but we hope you will take a moment to at least consider this opportunity to buy outdoor bean bags. But why? Well, bean bags are a super comfy, ultra portable seating solution.

Bean bags represent the ultimate in informal luxury and convenience. Plus you get that whole retro vibe that will take you back to a time when everything was, like, groovy. Taking them outdoors is just the next step in the natural evolution of the bean bag concept.

And thus was born our wonderful outdoor bean bag chair. You know you need to buy at least one now. We just told you so many cool things about this product, there’s no imaginable reason why you wouldn’t want to buy it.

Right now, it’s still something very new. Give it a year or two and you will notice that almost everywhere in Australia, you will see homes with outdoor bean bags. The really stylish people are going to be buying theirs from Nathan & Jac.

Why Nathan & Jac is the best place to buy outdoor bean bags

That last line of the previous section may have started you wondering what we meant by it. It sounds like an arrogant statement, but to understand the meaning, you need to understand what is so special about the shopping experience at Nathan & Jac, so allow us a moment to explain.

Shopping at Nathan & Jac is a frustration-free process from start to finish. We’re designers first and foremost, so we think about every situation as designers. That’s why our site is so simple to navigate and why requesting more information about our products really results in you being presented with more information.

Finding the products you want is simple, because everything is sorted neatly into clearly defined categories that are intuitively labelled. Clicking on any category will take you to the list of products or subcategories available.

When you click on the individual items, you’ll be presented with plenty of information and images to help you make up your mind about whether it is something you really want to buy. Having decided, you can simply click the button to add the item to your virtual shopping cart.

After all your shopping is completed, you will be ready to checkout. Clicking the checkout button takes you to the checkout page where you can fill in your details and select a payment method.

We’ve even made it easier to afford the things you want. Our flexible payment options provide opportunities to split your payments into instalments, or take advantage or long term interest-free credit. You can also just simply pay the full balance if you prefer to do things that way. It’s entirely up to you.

We will process and confirm your payment, and then all you have to do is wait for the products to arrive and start enjoying them. It’s really just as easy as that, and buying from Nathan & Jac means never having to worry. So get your outdoor bean bag chairs and other homewares items from Nathan & Jac, where it’s so simple, it’s smart.

Nathan + Jac is Melbourne’s best online designer homeware store. We sell a variety of homewares, throw blankets, cushions & rugs. Browse our online store or call 1300 662 992 to bring luxury to your home today!

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