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Etna Wool Rug - Stone

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Designer & Luxury Rugs

Luxury rugs are the ultimate statement of style and sophistication. They’re often seen in the steamiest of steamy seduction scenes in Hollywood movies, because let’s face it, they do have a certain seductive quality.

The luxury rugs you will find at Nathan & Jac are everything you would expect a luxury rug to be. They are truly deluxe in every sense.

Made from the best quality materials and exquisitely crafted using traditional techniques that have changed little since the earliest days of rug making, these are the most beautiful and elegant designer rugs online or anywhere.

Rugs are one of those décor devices that make adding character to a room an effortless gesture, but at the same time a gesture full of meaning. Rugs really can lift the décor and improve the vibe of a room to an impressive degree.

The challenge is getting the right look, but we’ve even got a solution for that. One of the features that makes Nathan & Jac stand out from the majority of other homewares stores is that we’re qualified interior designers. To take the hard work out of interior decoration for our customers, we’ve created bundled packages that include everything you need to implement a full room makeover.

The benefit for you is extra added value and what has to be absolutely the easiest way to give your home a professional interior designer look without actually paying for a professional interior designer to visit your home.

When you need luxury rugs, Nathan & Jac is the very best place to find them, because we have the best luxury rugs and the best ideas for adding them to your décor.

Buy designer rugs online from Nathan & Jac

There are so many good reasons to buy your homewares products from Nathan & Jac that it’s difficult to know where to begin.

The most important reason is that we only stock the very best quality products in each category. This is your assurance of quality, which means you can shop with confidence when you buy from Nathan & Jac.

Another great reason is that we provide excellent value for our customers. It’s not just our reasonable prices, but also the added value through our interior design packs that provide you the value of a service that would normally cost thousands of dollars at no extra cost beyond the price of your purchases.

Those alone would be all reasons necessary, but there’s still more. We’ve also created the most stress-free and easy online shopping experience for our customers.

As designers, poor design makes us really uncomfortable. So during the process of designing our own site we engaged a multitude of experts to advise us on user friendly and easy design options. We think the overall shopping experience on the Nathan + Jac website is flawless and allows you to jump between product categories and collections seamlessly.

You will love everything about shopping with Nathan & Jac. You will find a huge collection of the very best in homewares, helpfully sorted into categories, and aided by an intuitive user interface.

Browse for the products you need, add them to your virtual shopping cart, click the checkout button, and then get on with the rest of your day. Almost before you know it, the products you ordered from us will arrive direct to your door.

For reliable quality, service, and value, shop for your homewares at Nathan & Jac.

Nathan + Jac is Melbourne’s best online designer homeware store. We sell a variety of homewares, throw blankets, cushions & rugs. Browse our online store or call 1300 662 992 to bring luxury to your home today!

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  • Pebble Rug – Grey
  • Etna Wool Rug – Stone

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  • Sheepskin

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  • Merino Sheepskin Burgundy

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  • Merino Sheepskin Noir

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  • Mongolian Sheepskin – Moss Green

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  • Icelandic Sheepskin – Natural Grey

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  • Icelandic Sheepskin – Flecked Grey

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  • Icelandic Sheepskin – Blush 

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  • Reindeer Skin

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