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"Because The Night" twists the dial to maximum!

Kaleidoscopic moody textures and tones; silk velvets, metallic leathers, brutalist concrete, timeless noir marble, warm timber and smoked glass. Bold jewel tones of stained berries, lipstick red and Byzantine blue demand attention. Glints of metallic reflect the disco ball era of the 1970s. Succumb to the kind of crushed velvet where day becomes night in an instant.
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Buy Designer & Luxury Throw Blankets

Being the interior design fanatics that we are, it should be no surprise to anyone that there’s a special place in our hearts for throw blankets. Nathan & Jac stock the best range of designer throw blankets you will find anywhere.

Reward yourself with a luxury throw blanket, or get even more value by purchasing it as part of an interior design room makeover bundled package. You’ll find everything you need in these bundled packages to completely transform a room and give it that luxury bespoke interior designer look.

Throw blankets are kind of like a fashion statement for a room. They’re informal, yet decoratively stylish. Their simplicity and versatility is what gives them additional appeal. Plus they can really rev up your imagination and provide you with inspiration.

Another factor of the throw blanket is that it is something evoking a sense of warmth and comfort. People tend to find asymmetric vistas more appealing than clinical orderliness, and nothing can unbalance the symmetry of a room quite as easily as a throw blanket. Thus when you employ a throw blanket in your décor scheme, you can more easily add appeal to a room.

That makes throw blankets an effortless décor improvement item, so they have to score maximum points just on the basis of how simple and elegant they are as a solution.

The cost and attributes of a throw blanket depend very much on the materials used to make it, and the difficulty in manufacturing the particular blanket design. Natural materials are the most preferable, along with traditional hand made methods of manufacturing. Of course mass production and synthetic fibres cost less, but they won’t have the same aesthetic quality.

We have a great range of choice among our throw blanket options, so you should easily be able to find something that suits your tastes and budget.

Designer throw blankets you can afford 

Nathan & Jac does things differently. Consumers sometimes worry that designer homewares will be out of their reach financially, but our innovative approach makes these worries quite baseless.

With us, any home owner can afford to add high quality luxury designer homewares to their interior décor.

It starts with the terrific value we offer from the outset, and continues with the extra value we offer in various ways that help you save money either directly or indirectly. Then our flexible range of payment options give you full control over the financial side of the deal.

You have the choice of how you will pay for your items, and that includes the option to use our AfterPay service to split your payment into manageable instalments, and our ZipMoney service to allow you to obtain longer term interest-free financing for your homewares purchases.

This actually means you can buy more and own your products sooner than might otherwise be the case. It just simple, affordable, and excellent value for you.

Choosing your homewares from Nathan & Jac is the natural choice, and you will be so glad that you did.

Nathan + Jac is Melbourne’s best online designer homeware store. We sell a variety of homewares, throw blankets, cushions & rugs. Browse our online store or call 1300 662 992 to bring luxury to your home today!

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Sandstorm Accessory Pack I

Sandstorm Accessory Pack I

Casablanca Accessory Pack II

Casablanca Accessory Pack II

Tina 50cm Silk Velvet Cushion

Tina 50cm Silk Velvet cushion by Nathan + Jac - E D I T I O N

Cloud Bubble Vase M Charcoal

Cloud Bubble Vase M - Charcoal

Men About This Town, New York, Tokyo...

Men In This Town: London, Tokyo, Sydney, Milan and New York

Amara Black Mesh Floor Lamp

Amara Black Mesh Floor Lamp
Because The Night Collection

Can't Stop Living Room Pack

Rugged Cumulus Collection

Cumulus Bedroom Pack

Cumulus Bedroom Pack



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