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"Because The Night" twists the dial to maximum!

Kaleidoscopic moody textures and tones; silk velvets, metallic leathers, brutalist concrete, timeless noir marble, warm timber and smoked glass. Bold jewel tones of stained berries, lipstick red and Byzantine blue demand attention. Glints of metallic reflect the disco ball era of the 1970s. Succumb to the kind of crushed velvet where day becomes night in an instant.
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Velvet Cushions

Velvet cushions are an aesthetically pleasing décor choice, with a unique texture and unusual light absorption properties that make colours have a distinctive “velvety” look to them. In the right lighting conditions, velvet cushions can even seem to shimmer.

The texture of velvet cushions is another point that makes them attractive, as it is like no other texture. An interesting feature is that it is very soft, and also has a cooler temperature compared to similar materials when exposed to sunlight for a set duration of time because of the way it is woven.

Production of velvet requires the use of a special kind of loom. The weave this loom can create combines threads of different thickness, which is what creates the special texture of velvet. The material is quite difficult to make and requires this special hardware, which is one reason why velvet is among the more costly material choices.

The other key reason why velvet demands a high price is that it is ultimately luxurious, with it’s classic looks, delightful cushiony softness, and very strong weave that makes the velvet highly durable.

To get the very highest quality velvet, you should look for a silk weave. Silk provides the highest potential for shimmer, and it has exceptional strength. It’s also quite expensive, however, so expect the highest prices for silk velvet. A slightly less expensive but still very attractive option is a blend of silk and rayon.

For other velvet options, there are velvet varieties made from cotton, linen, and wool. Of these choices, cotton will give the coarsest result, but it is stronger than wool, which is softer.

Which choices are best when you buy velvet cushions online?

We recommend buying the costliest velvet because it is the best. The advantage you gain from purchasing cushions made from the higher quality velvet is that it will outlast and outshine the cheaper options, while providing a better standard of comfort and luxury.

Velvet may no longer be the status symbol it once was, but everyone loves the look and feel of velvet, so you really won’t go wrong by choosing it.

Nathan & Jac has many choices available in our velvet cushion range, and you are sure to find something you like when you browse our collection.

To get extra value on your purchase, it could be a prudent idea to buy your cushions as part of an interior design package. This is a convenient and easy way to give a room a complete makeover with a fabulous bespoke interior designer look created by one of our interior design experts.

You can also separately buy individual cushions and sets of cushions if you prefer to do it that way. In fact you can buy everything you need in the way of homewares and interior decoration items from Nathan & Jac.

Buying from us is easy, convenient, and affordable. We strive to give the best value to our customers on the finest quality homewares. Buy your velvet cushions online from Nathan & Jac today.

Nathan + Jac is Melbourne’s best online designer homeware store. We sell a variety of homewares, throw blankets, cushions & rugs. Browse our online store or call 1300 662 992 to bring luxury to your home today!

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